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Patrick Wooden, a repeat visitor, has spent many years learning technocracy — an invented financial system that the worldwide cabal is at present attempting to implement worldwide. He was lately interviewed by The Defender, the Youngsters’s Well being Protection publication. You will discover that interview beneath. I’d truly encourage you to look at that one first, as a result of it gives a very good background of Wooden and his work.

This dialog additionally ties in with an interview I lately did with professor Mattias Desmet, writer of “The Psychology of Totalitarianism,” which is able to air in just a few weeks, so make sure you preserve a watch out for that one. Whereas technocracy and totalitarianism have many similarities, there are some variations in perspective, which we are going to unravel right here.

“I want there was one thing else to speak about, however that is it,” Wooden says. “That is the subject of the day. That is what individuals must know and perceive.

If we’re going to battle again in opposition to this enemy, which beforehand has just about been unseen, we should acknowledge who we’re coping with. Interval. We can’t present any protection or offense to push again on this until we all know who the enemy actually is and what they’re pondering, what’s of their head.”

COVID Was Technocracy’s Coup D’état

Whereas the COVID disaster despatched most right into a state of confusion, Wooden was not shocked by the chain of occasions that ultimately happened. He’d been following the local weather change alarmism and the sustainable growth agenda for a very long time, and as quickly as the identical individuals who have been selling local weather alarmism jumped on the COVID prepare, he knew they have been related, and that COVID was going for use to advertise the technocratic agenda.

The identical flawed pc fashions used to persuade us local weather change will kill us all have been additionally used to incite panic in regards to the lethality of COVID. These pc fashions are principally rigged to say no matter they need them to say. In response to local weather change alarmists, mankind ought to have been wiped off the face of the earth 10 years in the past. But right here we’re. The COVID fashions additionally failed, lacking the mark by miles.

“On the time [in early 2020], I mentioned that is technocracy’s coup d’état. They’re lastly making their main world transfer to do what they mentioned they have been going to do for a very long time. Now, they’re truly placing shoe leather-based to it and so they’re making it occur, so I known as it coup d’état early on,” Wooden says.

Sadly, to cite Wooden’s coauthor of earlier books, Antony Sutton, solely 2% of individuals have crucial pondering abilities, 8% of individuals suppose they’ll suppose, and 90% would fairly die than suppose. This willful ignorance explains why solely 10% of a given inhabitants, on common, doesn’t fall into mass formation hypnosis.

Wooden, together with Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a world lawyer who cofounded the German Corona Investigative Committee — have fashioned the Crimes Towards Humanity Activity Pressure. The primary occasion shall be held in Tampa, FL with visitor speaker, Michael Yeadon, Ph.D.

“We imagine there’s a nice case to be made that, certainly, crimes in opposition to humanity have been dedicated in the identical context and sense that they have been found on the Nuremberg trials that produced the Nuremberg Code, which is now embedded within the authorized system in each nation on earth, [including] our nation and each state as properly.

Medical experimentation is verboten, interval, and but it has occurred anyway, with no knowledgeable consent alongside the best way. Persons are getting sick and dying, the identical previous drill. What went unsuitable? We’re presenting this case to the American public in particular person, and I’ll say the dynamic of speaking to a dwell viewers right now is a breath of recent air for me, personally. I believe all people else would say the identical factor.”

Making a New Regular on Our Personal Phrases

Whereas many resist this stance, I and Wooden agree that the disaster isn’t over, and it isn’t going to proper itself. No. It’s going to worsen, and issues won’t ever return to the best way they have been. It is vital to appreciate that we should not need issues to return to the previous regular, nonetheless. As a result of the previous regular is what precipitated the various crises we’re at present going through.

We are able to absolutely anticipate that the partially failed vaccine passport shall be changed by digital id, which is able to progress to a central financial institution digital foreign money (CBDC). Most central banks on this planet shall be rolling out CBDCs inside the subsequent three to 5 years.

Digital id and CBDCs are a catastrophe racing towards us like a freight prepare, and it will be extraordinarily troublesome to get out of harms means. The previous two years will seem to be a picnic in comparison with what’s coming.

“If my speculation is true, January 2020 was the coup d’état that began this warfare in earnest, the recent warfare, if you’ll, versus the main as much as it. A number of unhealthy stuff occurred from 9/11 by 2020 that we might level to and say, it seems like any person’s orchestrating this, however it went right into a scorching warfare, actually, globally as properly, in January 2020. Revolutions by no means cease with one assault. That is apparent. I am positive it is self-evident.”

By Their Phrases and Actions, You Can Know Them

So, who instigated this world revolution? Who’s pulling the strings? Who’s the true enemy? It isn’t the populace. It isn’t even a particular nation. It is a conglomerate of rich and influential individuals everywhere in the world. However they’ve a shared philosophy, ideology and agenda. Wooden explains:

“What is going on on is named The Nice Reset of the planet. The Nice Reset has turn out to be a catchphrase. Most individuals do not have a clue what it means but, however it’s promoted by the World Financial Discussion board (WEF), which is tightly interlinked and matched with the United Nations.

This elite group of individuals symbolize in combine the entire folks that have been initially within the Trilateral Fee again within the Seventies. It is the identical varieties of individuals, the identical agenda to remodel the world into their imaginative and prescient, the best way they suppose issues should be. These are the folks that have orchestrated this complete factor and so they’re those which might be pushing it proper now.

It is easy to establish most people concerned on this. You possibly can have a look at the Klaus Schwabs and the Invoice Gateses [of the world], and the thousand corporations that belong to the World Financial Discussion board. All of them have CEOs, board members, et cetera, which might be a part of the World Financial Discussion board. It is fairly simple to establish them right now.

The concept of The Nice Reset is full transformation of society and people that dwell on this society. The World Financial Discussion board is boldly speaking about each. They speak about this technocratic takeover on one hand, to reform society, that’s the buildings of society, the establishments, however in addition they speak in regards to the restructuring of humanity itself.

That’s, the merging of know-how with the human situation, with the flesh, the altering of genetic code, Humanity 2.0, H+ is one other time period is used. That is mad scientist sort of stuff. The typical man on the road has by no means been uncovered to this.

It is onerous to get your head round how evil this complete factor is, and it is all uninvited. No one requested for it, they simply did it. That is one other factor that is actually vital to know: This did not simply come out of the blue or fall out of the sky from outer house. This has been within the works for a really very long time.”

Agenda 21 Laid the Groundwork

In 1992, Agenda 21 was created. That was the genesis of sustainable growth. That is the place that doctrine was overtly described. The Agenda 21 and the Biodiversity Conference that happened on the similar time was the agenda for twenty first century.

As defined by Wooden, Agenda 21 was foundational within the sense that laid out all of the occasions being rolled out and modifications being carried out right now. It is simply that nobody was actually listening to the place issues have been headed, the final word implications of all of it. In fact, those that did see the writing on the wall have been discredited as “loopy conspiracy theorists.”

“There was a fantastic guide launched in 1994 known as ‘The Earth Brokers.’ The 2 authors have been students. They have been additionally the unique environmental crowd. They weren’t on our aspect essentially, however they went to the Agenda 21 convention in good religion, figuring there was going to be some negotiation to dial again the event that was messing with the Third World and attempt to get the planet again collectively.

They went hoping to show some issues round, and so they got here away from the Agenda 21 convention fully disillusioned … In that guide, they criticized the Agenda 21 course of. They began out by saying one thing like this: ‘We argue that USAID — the United Nations convention on financial growth — has boosted exactly the kind of industrial growth that’s harmful for the setting, the planet and its inhabitants.

We see how, on account of USAID, the wealthy would get richer, the poor poorer, whereas increasingly more of the planet is destroyed within the course of.’ What can we are saying, however ‘amen’ to that. Right here we’re right now. It is precisely what’s occurred.”

The Plan to Personal and Management All Life

“The Earth Brokers” additionally reviewed what they realized from the Biodiversity Conference, which ran parallel with the Agenda 21 convention. It had the identical members, simply two totally different thought tracks introduced collectively on the similar convention.

“They wrote in regards to the biodiversity conference, which has turn out to be extremely vital right now to the United Nations. They mentioned the conference implicitly equates the range of life, that’s animals and vegetation, to the range of genetic codes. By doing so, range turns into one thing trendy science can manipulate. It promotes biotechnology as being important for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

They redefined the time period biodiversity, for one, however in addition they mentioned the principle stake raised by the biodiversity conference is the problem of possession and management over organic range. The foremost concern was defending the pharmaceutical and rising biotechnology industries. That was their evaluation.

To which, right now, we are able to say, ‘Bingo!’ That’s precisely what occurred again then, and that is precisely the expression right now that we see of the genetic takeover of life on planet earth. They’ve gotten the seeds, they’ve gotten the vegetation, they’ve gotten the animals.”

As we speak, the technocrats are additionally shifting in on the human genetic code. Chief medical officer of Moderna, Tal Zaks, for instance, has said that Moderna, a developer of the mRNA COVID jab, is “hacking the software program of life.” He described the human genetic code as an working system, and in the event you can change that working system by introducing a brand new line of code, or by altering a line of code, you may change how the working system features.

Since 1992, laws has been created to guard Large Pharma. You could possibly say the 1992 Agenda 21 was a pre-coup. They laid the groundwork again then to guard the pharmaceutical and rising biotech industries they knew have been coming. And, right now, the very genetic make-up of mankind is up for grabs.

Origins of Technocracy

Technocracy dates additional again than the 90s, nonetheless. Handwritten letters relationship to the Thirties reveal a number of the originators of the technocratic motion had gotten into an argument with the Hearst newspaper empire, and due to that, they forbade journalists to debate them or the technocratic ideology. Therefore, technocracy went underground and received kind of buried for just a few many years. Wooden explains:

“What occurred was, Howard Scott, one of many cofounders of Technocracy Inc., was additionally the chief of the group at Columbia College when it was housed there in 1932. He had promoted himself as being a licensed engineer and one of many mental guys that would slot in to Columbia College. He wasn’t from Columbia, however he was heading the [technocratic] motion there.

It was found, whereas he was there, that he was an entire fraud. He had no engineering diploma in any respect. He was only a blowhard. He was a promoter — principally a con man — and Nicholas Murray Butler, the president of Columbia … flipped out, and drop-kicked Scott out of Columbia …

By the identical token, Howard Scott was out working within the media like loopy, and he labored the Hearst empire to get articles about technocracy revealed all throughout the nation.

When Randolph Hearst found, as Butler did, that he had been taken for a trip and that his media empire had been manipulated, he freaked out and despatched out a telegram-type memo to each newspaper within the nation, saying, ‘If anyone ever mentions technocracy once more, you are fired.’

Effectively, that took care of that. Historical past books have a 25-year lag, sometimes. Historians do not return and analyze stuff from final 12 months to write down in historical past books. They return 25 years and so they go searching and so they learn the newspaper articles and no matter, and try to determine what occurred. That is how they write historical past.

Effectively, there’s this big gap on the technocracy motion as a result of it simply received dropped out. Swiftly, there isn’t any newspaper articles. It is similar to they disappeared into skinny air. The massive, extremely credentialed scientist and engineers at Columbia who have been crowing about technocracy the 12 months earlier than, now, impulsively, wouldn’t dare point out the phrase.”

Wooden ultimately found a serious college archive at College of Edmonton in Alberta, the place the entire leaders of the Canadian technocracy motion had mixed their papers within the ’90s.

The paperwork have been positioned in a warehouse the place they sat for years on finish, till a catalog of them was lastly revealed on the web. It was an actual jackpot. Wooden and his spouse drove to Edmonton and spent per week sifting by and copying supplies. After that, it wasn’t very troublesome to interrupt down how the technocratic agenda had been moved ahead and was being carried out.

Totalitarianism Versus Technocracy

Whereas the outward expression of technocracy will seem as totalitarianism, the management heart isn’t a dictator. Reasonably than a single particular person ruling by the decree, technocracy depends on management by know-how and algorithm. It is a crucial distinction. Briefly, there are not any individuals behind the scenes pulling strings. There is no particular person guilty or maintain accountable.

The “dictator” is an algorithm. Google over the previous couple of years, particularly, we are able to see this in motion. We are able to additionally see it within the censorship of social media, and within the social credit score system in China.

“The so-called synthetic intelligence increase has created the opportunity of controlling individuals by algorithm, fairly than by political dictate,” Wooden says. “There was a battle between technocrats and governments ever since technocracy began. Again within the day, they hated authorities. They wished to do away with authorities. There may be nonetheless that propensity right now.

You see it on the World Financial Discussion board, you see it at United Nations. They wish to dissolve the nationwide governments of the world. Traditionally, fascism and communism have been instituted by nationwide governments. These entities are on the hit listing for technocracy. We noticed this, by the best way, only in the near past. There was a convention in Dubai, known as the World Authorities Summit1 [March 29-30, 2022].

It was partly placed on by the United Nations and there have been a bunch of economic mucky mucks there. There was one particularly, Pippa Malmgren — she’s from America, however she’s in Nice Britain — and he or she does monetary wealth administration providers for the extremely wealthy.

She talked in regards to the destruction of the fiat foreign money system, and he or she mentioned, when it occurs, there’s merely going to be a change-over. All of the fiat currencies are going to go, and there is going to be an implementation of digital foreign money. However she additionally made level that the nation state buildings of the world are declining quickly now. She noticed, I assume, that the nation states are the goal of destruction. They have to go.”

This has been within the works for a while. Take a look at the European Union. Whereas Europe has nation borders, the EU member states have just about no energy to do something anymore. They’re subservient to the EU’s needs. “That is why lots of people in Europe name the EU a technocracy, they are a bunch of technocrat elites — they’re unelected, they’re unaccountable,” Wooden says.

No one can get to them and so they’re making selections for everyone else. So, whereas the nation states are nonetheless there in title, they’ve stripped of their sovereignty. The World Well being Group is now additionally within the means of stripping nations of their sovereignty by the so-called Pandemic Treaty, which is able to grant the WHO unprecedented energy and affect to manipulate behind the veil of “world biosecurity.”

We additionally see the rule of technocracy in corporations corresponding to Google, which is interfering within the affairs of countries, oftentimes wielding extra energy over individuals than the state itself. So, it is vital to appreciate that the enemy isn’t a nation state.

As we speak’s enemy can’t be in comparison with something that nation states have produced previously, corresponding to fascism, communism or socialism. That is an altogether brand-new entity. So, whereas technocracy seems like totalitarianism, right now’s totalitarianism is an outgrowth of technocracy, and can’t be in comparison with any earlier totalitarian regime.

“In case you have a look at it within the context of the takeover genetic materials on earth, that is the harmful payload that we face. It isn’t simply the governance a part of it. It isn’t simply the scientific dictatorship a part of it, the place individuals now might be manipulated in doing issues that do not wish to do. We’re speaking in regards to the direct takeover of the human genome.

That is an unimaginable factor, as a result of which means, probably, that our genome of humanity may very well be modified,” Wooden warns.

Unintended Penalties Are Possible

Now, it is fairly potential, and certainly possible, that the orchestrators of this technocratic takeover are in over their heads and can find yourself self-destructing. They’re enjoying a recreation that has by no means been performed earlier than, so there isn’t any telling what unintended penalties is likely to be initiated.

One such unintended consequence may very well be a world warfare, and if that occurs, gene modifying the human genome will turn out to be irrelevant, as a result of the dwelling requirements of the entire world shall be pushed again lots of of years. Wooden feedback:

“No query about it — World Warfare III or a world warfare goes to be triggered. It isn’t in the most effective curiosity, as an illustration, for the World Financial Discussion board to have a world warfare. However that does not imply it will not occur both. Up to now, I believe the Ukraine warfare is fairly orchestrated and scripted in some ways to the agenda of the World Financial Discussion board. But it surely doesn’t suggest it could not lose management and the factor simply goes nuts.

If that occurs, I do not know the place I might put that on the doomsday clock. I am not likely positive, however it’s undoubtedly a potential end result. If it does occur, it’ll spoil every thing for everybody for a really lengthy time period. Because the Bible says, it’s going to take seven years to undergo the countryside and bury all of the radioactive bones. That’d be very ugly.

It won’t be [a nuclear war]. But it surely may very well be. They’ve the know-how. I imply, simply look what they’ll do by launching these pandemics and these bioweapons … One other factor that may occur — and once more, we’re speaking about waves of assaults, issues that might convey us down and convey about this Nice Reset — is a few sort of a cyber assault.

This has been within the information quite a bit recently. A cyber assault may very well be a false flag operation, however it would not actually matter what it’s, whether or not it’s or is not [a false flag], however some massive factor, like taking down the ability grid, or taking down JPMorgan Chase and no person can get their cash out for a interval of per week.

One thing like that might, once more, put the worry of God into all people. We’ll be again to the worry and panic; we’ll do no matter you say to get security, et cetera. It should perpetuate the takeover, the coup that we’re taking a look at. These are two prospects, near-term, which might be very actual. We have totally different situations proper now, however we all know the place this group of technocrat actors are going.

We perceive their mindset, their philosophy, if you’ll. I hate to even name it that, however what’s of their head? There is no ardour, there isn’t any compassion, there isn’t any love, there isn’t any mercy, there isn’t any grace, there’s nothing like that. It is a fully inhuman endeavor to seize mankind right into a scientific dictatorship, the likes of which the world has by no means seen earlier than.”

Getting ready Can Assist Ease Your Nervousness

The Boy Scouts motto is “Be ready,” and that’s what I’d encourage everybody to try for right now. One other motto to embrace can be “Hope for the most effective and put together for the worst.” Put together as finest you may for any and each contingency. In case you can, get out of the large cities and massive city areas. Rural areas the place you may construct group is your most secure wager.

Put together for sustained meals shortages with long-term meals storage. Safe a potable water supply. Fill up on medical cures. Put together for provide chains of every kind to fail and refill accordingly. Transition out of fiat foreign money, both by spending it on stuff you’ll want sooner or later, or shopping for bodily gold and silver.

Put together for vitality shortages, rolling blackouts and the entire shut-down of the ability grid. Importantly, do not depend on high-tech options. Embrace low-tech guide backups in your preps. If the considered all of this scares you, keep in mind that taking motion is the most effective treatment. Realizing you are ready will ease plenty of anxieties.

Why Free Speech Is on the Chopping Block

Free speech is a common idea. Everybody, in every single place, have a thoughts and wish to categorical themselves with out being censored or canceled for his or her views. Free speech is now below assault worldwide, and the really large assault on free speech started concurrently the coup d’état began. It is because silencing dissent is required for the total takeover to happen.

“These technocrat transhumanist revolutionaries should destroy free speech on the similar time that they take over the world, as a result of they’ve to regulate the narrative,” Wooden explains. “The assaults on free speech proper now are completely legendary, off the charts, in every single place on the planet.

If Mattias Desmet is true, and I really feel completely sure that he’s, as a result of I can learn a historical past guide as simple as anyone, when free speech is successfully silenced, that’s when the killing of the scapegoat begins. It is all the time the scapegoat that will get killed first. There could also be different teams that get combined in, however the people who find themselves the scapegoat are those that shall be attacked by the mass formation psychosis crowd.”

Ultimately, the totalitarian regime will devour its personal. It’s going to kill its personal leaders within the title of the better good. However within the meantime, it’s going to begin by culling varied scapegoats, one group after one other.

“Authentic technocracy from the Thirties, was outlined in their very own journal, which was known as ‘The Technocrat Journal.’ They outlined themselves in 1938 as ‘the science of social engineering.’ That was what they mentioned about themselves.

Technocracy is the science of social engineering and so they talked incessantly of their literature about Pavlov and BF Skinner and the way they might management individuals and mould individuals to the economic system, to the utopia that they wished to construct.

They’ve had since 1938, on the very least, to consider how you can develop the science of social engineering for use in opposition to humanity. I do not suppose we have to even give it some thought any additional.

We are able to really feel it right now. It is proper in our face, daily. They’re utilizing these strategies in opposition to the individuals of the world to control them, to hypnotize them, to push them into mass formation psychosis. Any individual on the prime is aware of precisely what they’re doing with this. That is my level.”

And, once more, tech corporations like Google and Fb play central roles in that effort. I have a look at Google because the Skynet of the Terminator collection. They’re in all probability the worst offender of all of the know-how corporations which might be accelerating this. They the champions of social engineering. They personal DeepMind, essentially the most subtle synthetic intelligence firm on the planet, and so they’re clearly utilizing it for nefarious functions. That mentioned, they’re actually not alone.

Motion Plan Shifting Ahead

In closing, we have to give cautious thought to how we’d decelerate, block or no less than restrict the devastation that is been deliberate for us. On the prime of that listing, apart from getting ready your self and your loved ones with the necessities for all times, is to buck the narrative.

“Anytime you’re feeling such as you’re being given a job to play, simply refuse to play that function,” Wooden says. “I do not care what it’s, simply do not do it. If they are saying, ‘You’ll want to put on a masks as a result of blah, blah, blah — do not put on a masks. Simply do not play the function they provide you.’

I do know, however there’s plenty of private selection right here. You bought to make a private choice on what it is price to you to do it. I personally have not worn a masks but. It is price me. I have never flown an airplane for a very long time. I did not go plenty of locations.

It is vital to maintain your mouth open, not shut. We have to reestablish human connection once more. This has been denied us with all of the social distancing and lockdowns and every thing else. Get in contact with individuals. It hurts, I understand, for lots of people, as a result of relationships have been burned between youngsters and fogeys and brothers and sisters. Recover from it, cope with it.

It’s important to get out and reconnected with individuals once more, as a result of the way forward for humanity is in these connections.

Simply do not argue with them. In case you love them, love them anyway, regardless of the place they’re. But it surely’s additionally vital to get with like-minded individuals and spend time growing deeper relationships with individuals. Guys have misplaced the power to have finest associates, nearly universally throughout the nation.

Ladies are higher at having finest associates, however they have been denied finest associates as a result of every thing’s been damaged up. Get embedded in an area church and begin going to those house fellowships, no matter, the place individuals are assembly nose to nose and simply speak to them …

Now we have plenty of solutions and plenty of tangible issues we may help individuals with. You’ll want to do it, be ready to do it. When you will have the chance, open your mouth and assist them out. Not less than, give them some hope, as a result of proper now the opposite aspect needs you to haven’t any hope. They wish to strip all hope away from you in order that you’ll flip to the federal government or flip to the technocrats for assist.

We have to assist individuals with this complete hope enterprise and to not promote hopium, as some individuals name it, however to offer them some tangible assistance on what they’ll do proper now to place up a protection round their very own physique, round their very own thoughts or no matter it is likely to be …

That is the place we’re as a world right now — we, on the non-mass formation psychosis aspect, we’re all in. Whether or not anyone else acknowledges that as immaterial, however we’re all on this. That is a very powerful civilizational, existential factor that we’ll ever cope with in our lifetime.

It truly is that vital. It isn’t one thing we are able to simply say, ‘Effectively, it is simply one other drawback,’ sort of like, ‘We had issues with Jimmy Carter.’ No, it isn’t that sort of drawback. It is a larger existential menace that we’re going through proper now.

We should be useless severe. However there’s hope, I’ll say. And till it is over, it isn’t over. We are able to make a distinction and we have to attempt. We simply cannot throw up our arms and say there isn’t any level attempting, I will go house and get drunk. Klaus Schwab informed you, along with his personal lips, that by 2030 you’ll personal nothing and you may be joyful. They’re attempting to make it occur. Sure, they’re.

One of many causes, by the best way, that the World Financial Discussion board has met with the United Nations to hurry up the agenda, nearer on this aspect of 2030, is due to the mounting resistance world wide to the agenda. I am satisfied of this. I have been watching this for the reason that starting.

Individuals cannot have 500,000 individuals on the street protesting something, that does not occur right here. That is simply not our tradition. However not Europe, on the drop of a hat, you will get a 100,000 individuals on the street, all screaming and banging pots and pans and hollering and carrying indicators.

I do know they see these large hordes of individuals which might be saying, basically, ‘Hell, no’… This has to have an effect on them. I believe that is one motive they’re attempting to speed up this system proper now and make it occur quicker.

To me, that is simply sort of a bit of little bit of an indication of resistance is working, and this to me, this ought to inform the resistance to double down — double down proper now on no matter it’s you are doing. Do twice as a lot as you probably did final week or final month and proceed to place the strain on it.”


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