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Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease

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Virgin Pulse plans to merge with HealthComp in $3B deal

Virgin Pulse, a mobile-first worker wellness and engagement firm, introduced its intent to merge with HealthComp, a advantages and analytics platform, to create a know-how and data-enabled healthcare service for employers.  The reported $3 billion deal, first...

Homemade Za’atar Spice Blend

Homemade Za’atar Spice Blend

Za’atar spice combine isn’t one thing you’d discover within the common US pantry, however this spice combination is price holding round! Its distinctive herby, lemony taste is the right condiment for veggies, meat, and extra. I began utilizing it on...

10 Spices You Should Be Using

10 Spices You Should Be Using

We sometimes consider spices as flavors. They make issues style spicy or zesty, add complexity, mix with different spices to kind widespread and conventional taste profiles like “chili powder” or “garam masala,” and easily simply make meals style actually good....

Painful Sex After Menopause: Causes and Solutions

Painful Sex After Menopause: Causes and Solutions

There are a number of different components that may additionally contribute to dyspareunia amongst menopausal ladies. The hormonal modifications alter acidity levels of the vagina, Dr. Streicher mentioned, which may result in recurrent urinary tract infections...


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