Did the Department of Defense Fake Data to Hide Injuries?

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This story is about what might develop into one of many largest circumstances of medical knowledge fraud. It’s primarily based on my dialog with Mathew Crawford, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing for my podcast.

Mathew’s background is in statistics, actuarial sciences and math. Prior to now, he has worked on Wall Street, then centered on the sphere of training, writing textbooks and serving to construct academic firms.

Mathew began looking for a large-scale dramatic occasion earlier than the pandemic was introduced. He grew to become alarmed when proper on the tail of the repo market crisis that occurred within the fall of 2019, the Federal Reserve loaned $4.5 trillion to only three banks. (The Fed “quietly released the names of the three banks” who acquired the loans on December 31, 2021.)

Subsequently, as quickly because the unusually irrational and economically peculiar “COVID response” was thrown at us, Mathew grew to become suspicious of the “pandemic clownery.”

The Convoluted DoD Information Saga

This explicit DoD knowledge saga began unveiling in January 2022, when legal professional Thomas Renz offered his whistleblower knowledge on the five-hour listening to held by Senator Ron Johnson.

In his Substack post from February 2022, Mathew described being “shocked listening to Renz in actual time” and studying about “the DoD whistleblowers (Drs. Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers, and Theresa Lengthy) or the startling findings from the Protection Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED):

  • Miscarriages up ~300%
  • Most cancers charges up ~300%
  • Neurological circumstances up ~1000%

Renz makes the database publicly downloadable here.” From there, the issues received sophisticated. And earlier than we dig in, allow us to first establish the elephant within the room.

The Elephant within the Room: A Abstract

After Tom Renz made his earth-shaking announcement, the DoD got here out and said that they’d skilled a server glitch, and due to this fact, the whistleblower knowledge was no good.

And because the DoD was hiding behind the unsigned assertion a couple of “server glitch,” Mathew Crawford went forward and analyzed a set of publicly obtainable however obscure trade reviews sourced from that very same DoD database (DMED).

Having appeared on the reviews, he discovered that by the point the courageous whistle blowers queried the DMED knowledge, the info may need been already corrupted twice, utilizing two totally different strategies — doubtlessly masking up vaccine harm in a really difficult approach. (We’d want to take a look at the unique knowledge to be able to know for positive what occurred.)

Mathew believes that probably, anyone on the DoD seen elevated ranges of sickness within the 2021 knowledge — in spite of everything, that’s what the whistleblower medical doctors have been seeing on the bottom — and determined cowl it up.

He thinks that the principle coverup was carried out by retroactively altering the info in DMED for the earlier years (2016 by way of 2020, which was carried out mid-2021, someplace between Could and July 2021, earlier than Tom Renz’s announcement), thus making earlier years look worse than they had been, in quite a lot of classes.

However then along with that, the already altered database was migrated to a brand new server, presumably to make it harder to analyze. Per Mathew, it’s theoretically doable that the within the technique of migration, there was a real glitch — or perhaps there was an intentional glitch to create extra confusion and discredit any future whistle blowers.

Mather’s fundamental level is that even when there was a glitch, that glitch probably got here on prime of the already faked knowledge — and that’s what he’s attempting to scream from the rooftops about.

And amazingly, if there actually was a glitch in the course of the sever migration (round August 2021), it went unnoticed for 5 months — within the navy — even supposing the info was utilized by the DoD for troop preparedness analysis, and in addition internally utilized by the CDC. No huge deal, I suppose.

Nobody appeared, and nobody seen for at the least 5 months that the info for earlier years had undergone dramatic modifications! I say, consider the DoD. They’re reliable and would by no means deceive us. Right here is the early timeline, as a direct quote from Mathew:

In January, Renz testified on behalf of the whistleblowers.

A number of days later, nonetheless in January, the DoD took DMED offline. The info was up to date dramatically, and the DoD claimed the glitch story with no different rationalization.

On February 14, I spot the ahistorical DMED knowledge manipulation within the MSMR. The DoD probably by no means anticipated anybody to look by way of these previous reviews and test all of the previous reviews to full summarize the DMED knowledge historical past. At this level, solely Renz and I do know this stage of element, although I had solely superficially laid out what I discovered to him at that time.

On February 15, the DoD makes the unsigned declare of the server migration introducing the glitch, and will get admonished by a choose for not having an knowledgeable witness backing their claims.

March 11, Renz sends a 193-page report to Congress that features my one-page affidavit concerning the probably DMED manipulation. It’s probably that no one on the CDC or DoD learn that half on the time.

March 22, I revealed my first article about what I discovered. The DoD in all probability is not paying consideration.

On April 6, I included the MSMR manipulations in my summary of all the dirty data in my talk during the VRBPAC meeting. It has been reported to me that proper round that point, the 2016-2020 knowledge all of a sudden goes offline once more (the remainder of the database appears obtainable) in DMED!

Beneath is the overall timeline, in response to what Mathew instructed me within the interview (I’ve revealed a model of this timeline here):

The Timeline and the Basic Plot

The Division of Protection maintains a medical database known as DMED. The database data numerous navy medical occasions. It doesn’t file mortality knowledge.

Along with privately sustaining DMED, additionally they publish an obscure trade journal known as “Medical Surveillance Monthly Reports.” The numbers revealed in MSMR are primarily based on the identical DoD database, DMED. The reviews are publicly obtainable.

Yearly, often round Could, as part of MSMR, they publish yearly totals for the earlier 12 months and for a number of previous years. The reviews go over numerous classes of knowledge, primarily based on medical billing codes.

When in 2021 they revealed their yearly totals, the historic knowledge for earlier years was modified from what it had beforehand been. (For instance, the 2016 numbers revealed in 2021 had been all of a sudden totally different from the 2016 numbers revealed earlier, and many others.) Doing so modified the purpose of reference for the 2021 numbers.

Nonetheless, opposite to the same old observe of knowledge evaluation, no rationalization for the change was offered. See Mathew’s graph beneath, made on the premise of the MSMR knowledge:

The 2021 knowledge (which Mathew believes no one had bothered to falsify on a large scale whereas the info was nonetheless coming in) reveals an elevated sign for numerous medical occasions, distributed amongst a variety of classes of medical billing codes.

Curiously, “Bell’s Palsy” is a class that doesn’t present a rise in 2021, which appears like an anomaly if in comparison with the info from different components of the world.

Round August 2021, the DoD migrated the DMED database to a brand new server. Mathew believes that within the course of, the info was corrupted for the second time, and it’s unknown whether or not the extra layer of corruption was added accidentally, or whether or not it was added to create confusion.

It appears like on account of the server migration, the numbers for earlier years had been lowered once more — however in a approach that doesn’t make them similar or near the numbers that had been beforehand reported by way of MSMR.

In the meantime, in no relation to any of this, a number of medical doctors within the navy have bravely blown the whistle on the bizarre ranges of sickness they had been observing among the many service members, with potential attribution to the COVID injections.

In an explosive assertion, legal professional Tom Renz revealed that he had whistleblower data queried from DMED, and that the info was displaying a really giant enhance in well being points in 2021. (See additionally Sen. Ron Johnson roundtable).

Mathew believes that the whistleblowers queried the info after two ranges of corruption of the database had already occurred — in order that knowledge was primarily rubbish, and the DoD may need arrange the entice on objective — however on the time, no one knew that — and the brave whistleblowers thought they had been accessing genuine knowledge.

Just a few days after that, the DoD issued a obscure, unsigned statement by way of PolitiFact saying that there had been a server glitch, and due to this fact the whistleblower knowledge was no good.

That assertion invoked a heated response. Those that believed in “protected and efficient vaccines” believed the DoD, and the “hesitant” ones assumed the DoD was mendacity concerning the glitch.

However in response to Mathew, the argument concerning the server glitch is a entice as a result of the actual fraud probably occurred earlier, in 2021, earlier than the server migration. The server glitch solely added an additional layer of confusion.

A notable truth: the “glitch” occurred round August 2021 — and for a number of months, no one seen. That, even supposing the info was used to judge troop readiness, and was additionally internally studied by the CDC.

Mathew believes that this might be one of many largest medical knowledge frauds of our occasions.

An added bonus: bizarrely, in response to the “post-glitch” knowledge, the U.S. navy had no well being disaster in 2020:

what happened with the r-codes

What Now?

Mathew hopes that quite a lot of attorneys file FOIA requests and attempt to come up with the unique knowledge. This isn’t a straightforward activity by any stretch of creativeness. The info might be categorised — and per Mathew, opening it as much as the general public might even require an Act of Congress.

However then again, if the DoD bureaucrats are trustworthy — which in fact they’re as a result of they might by no means deceive us — and if they’re already publishing their knowledge in an trade journal, and if the injections are protected and efficient, what have they got to cover?

Importantly, Mathew is encouraging events to independently have a look at the MSMR knowledge and draw their very own conclusions. The info is publicly obtainable.

On my finish, I really feel like we should always attempt each avenue to determine the reality. At this level, our authorized system is just a little bit shaky but it surely’s nonetheless functioning — and I hope that an increasing number of folks begin pondering from the within and asking questions. I additionally hope that certified attorneys file these FOIA requests, and we begin getting someplace. And sure, we’d want a miracle however miracles observe love and braveness. Time for love and braveness is now.

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To seek out extra of Tessa Lena’s work, remember to try her bio, Tessa Fights Robots.

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