What's Actually in the COVID-19 Vaccines?

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Jan Jekielek, senior editor with The Epoch Occasions and host of “American Thought Leaders,” spoke with microbiologist Kevin McKernan — a former researcher and staff chief for the MIT Human Genome challenge1 — about DNA contamination in COVID-19 pictures.2

In a preprint research McKernan and colleagues assessed the nucleic acid composition of 4 expired vials of the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA pictures. “DNA contamination that exceeds the European Medicines Company (EMA) 330ng/mg requirement and the FDAs 10ng/dose necessities” was discovered.3

So, along with the spike protein and mRNA in COVID-19 pictures, McKernan’s staff additionally found simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters that, for many years, have been suspected of inflicting most cancers in people, together with mesotheliomas, lymphomas and cancers of the mind and bone.4 The media have been fast to “truth verify” the discovering, with the AP publishing a rebuttal titled, “No, ‘Monkey Virus DNA’ Was Not Present in COVID Vaccines.’”5

Talking with Jekielek, McKernan took difficulty with the AP’s truth verify article, noting their paper “by no means mentioned that your entire virus was current within the vaccines. We mentioned that the promoter and the enhancer and the origin was in there, together with the polyA sign. It appears as if the AP has erected a strawman argument the place they’re making an attempt to debunk one thing that was by no means mentioned.”6

Might DNA Contamination in COVID Photographs Trigger Most cancers?

The AP and different media retailers additionally downplayed the notion that DNA contamination in COVID-19 injections might contribute to most cancers. “They’re making an attempt to make claims that this isn’t cancer-causing,” McKernan says, however “there are limits on how a lot DNA might be in a vaccine exactly due to the priority over DNA integration.”7

Such tips have been primarily based on analysis by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration’s molecular biologist Keith Peden,8 however when he evaluated how a lot DNA might “safely” exist in vaccines, he didn’t take into account lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and different elements that might improve how a lot DNA might enter a cell. McKernan explains:9

“Listed here are two extra issues happening that imply the DNA in these vaccines is extra more likely to get to the nucleus and combine into the genome than the knowledge that they had at the moment. Once they got here to these laws, they have been assuming the earlier DNA within the pictures have been host cell DNA, like possibly you grew the vaccine in some kind of monkey kidney cell.

On account of this, there’s background monkey DNA, or background human DNA, as a consequence of no matter host cell line they use. We now have one thing very totally different happening right here. We now have a widely known promoter that is utilized in gene remedy that is contained in the vaccines that is getting injected by means of an LNP that makes it very efficient at transecting cells. Then it has a sign in there that drives that DNA into the nucleus.

I do not suppose Keith Peden had anticipated that when he got here up with these 10 nanogram limits of DNA. I might say the decision remains to be out as as to whether or not they are often cancer-causing, however the threat is actually elevated from what the FDA’s tips have been constructed off of.”

How SV40 Promoters in COVID Photographs Might Drive Illness

McKernan explains that in lots of circumstances, when tumors are sequenced, they’re discovered to include sequences from SV40 and different viruses, which might combine into your genome, inflicting disruptions and instability that may set off the cell line to develop uncontrolled.10

Within the case of COVID-19 pictures, he says, “The priority is that if this DNA integrates the genome, one portion of the SSV40 sequence is an SV40 promoter, a really robust promoter, which suggests it drives transcription wherever it lands within the genome.

If this occurs to drop itself in entrance of a proto-oncogene [a gene that has the potential to cause cancer] and drives a number of expression off of a gene that is recognized, if you happen to hyper-express it and switch the cell cancerous, then now we have a priority that DNA is in reality doing that.”11

However not solely do COVID-19 pictures include SV40 promoters, additionally they include a 72 base pair insertion that makes the promoter rather more aggressive and likewise drives the sequence into the nucleus of the cell. “They usually’re proper subsequent to one another,” McKernan says. “If this DNA strikes into the nucleus and it drags a promoter with it, and that integrates in entrance of a gene, it could actually disrupt gene regulation and probably result in the oncogenesis.”12

On the similar time, a Pfizer trial confirmed that the pictures could induce lymphocytopenia and neutropenia, or low concentrations of white blood cells. This might additional enable for cancerous adjustments to proliferate. “After vaccination, sufferers have decrease white blood cells, which it is advisable to filter cells which are misbehaving, like most cancers cells,” McKernan provides.13

He’s additionally seen analysis displaying that the spike protein from COVID-19 pictures can enter the nucleus and disrupt regulation of p53 and BRCA1 genes:14

“Persons are in all probability conversant in BRCA1 due to breast most cancers genes, however p53 can be one other guardian of the genome. These are genes that clear up genomes which were damaged or have integration occasions …

In case you have all three of these probably elevated integration dangers taking place, with white blood cell discount and spike protein inhibiting the genes that should clear up the sort of downside, the mix of these issues might actually be tied to the rise in most cancers that we’re presently seeing.”

COVID Photographs’ Lipid Nanoparticles Might Additionally Be Poisonous

One other regarding compound in COVID-19 pictures are the lipid nanoparticles, or LPNs. As a result of pure mRNA is definitely damaged down, this implies the gene remedy wants a particular supply system to make it to the physique’s cells. Moderna and Pfizer used lipid nanoparticles that include polyethylene glycol (PEG)15 for this goal.

The mRNA is wrapped in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) that carry it to your cells, and the LNPs are “PEGylated” — that’s, chemically connected to PEG molecules to extend stability.16 Of their company prospectus17 launched in 2018 on the time of their inventory market launch, Moderna acknowledged that their LNPs carried dangers.18 Amongst them, Moderna acknowledged:

  • “Most of our investigational medicines are formulated and administered in an LNP which can result in systemic unintended effects associated to the parts of the LNP which can not have ever been examined in people.”19
  • “Whereas now we have continued to optimize our LNPs, there might be no assurance that our LNPs won’t have undesired results. Our LNPs might contribute, in entire or partly, to a number of of the next: immune reactions, infusion reactions, complement reactions, opsonation reactions, antibody reactions together with IgA, IgM, IgE or IgG or some mixture thereof, or reactions to the PEG from some lipids or PEG in any other case related to the LNP.”20

In the meantime, the shot trials didn’t embrace a management to indicate what occurs if you happen to simply expose individuals to LNPs with out mRNA. McKernan says:21

“What occurs to individuals in that case? We do not know the reply to that … a 12 months from now, there can be extra of a scientific consensus that spike protein was a nasty thought, and that possibly we should always swap this to a distinct protein or possibly we should always use this platform to hit RSV [respiratory syncytial virus] or flu. If we do not know the toxicity of the LNPs alone, that could be simply as harmful of an method.

We actually do want to know if this transfection is an effective strategy to fend off a respiratory virus. Many individuals have argued that this can be a horrible strategy to thwart off a respiratory virus since you’re constructing immunity within the improper compartment of the physique.

You actually need immunity within the nasal mucosa, and you are not going to get very efficient nasal mucosa immunity by means of injection. You tackle all of those injection dangers the place you are sending LNPs by means of your entire physique and it isn’t very focused.”

What Occurs if Shot Particles Enter the Ovaries?

There are considerations that shot particles are touring all through the physique with unknown results. Pfizer’s biodistribution research, which was used to find out the place the injected substances go within the physique, confirmed the spike protein from the pictures amassed in “fairly excessive concentrations” within the ovaries.22

A Japanese biodistribution research for Pfizer’s jab additionally discovered that vaccine particles transfer from the injection web site to the blood, after which circulating spike proteins are free to journey all through the physique, together with to the ovaries, liver, neurological tissues and different organs.23 In line with McKernan:24

“We all know from the biodistribution research that a few of these LNPs are attending to the ovaries, in order that’s an enormous concern. If 1% of those LNPs get to the ovaries, there’s 40 billion in every shot, we’re getting all the way down to 400 million that go to the ovaries. Now you are beginning to actually concern your self.

If there’s solely 300,000 oocytes in every feminine, and there are 400 million LNPs down there, these numbers are worrisome. What are we doing to the germline sooner or later technology?”

Already, a research revealed in Obstetrics & Gynecology — and funded by the Nationwide Institute of Baby Well being and Human Growth (NICHD) and the Nationwide Institutes of Well being (NIH) Workplace of Analysis on Girls’s Well being — confirmed an affiliation between menstrual cycle size and COVID-19 pictures.25

The implication is that the pictures may very well be having an impact on fertility. Because the Obstetrics & Gynecology researchers famous, “Menstrual cyclicity is an overt signal of well being and fertility.”26

‘There Is Residual DNA in Each Photographs’

As for why the SV40 promoter and enhancer is in COVID-19 pictures within the first place, it’s associated to the plasmid development medium, which is E. coli. McKernan explains:27

“It is [SV40 promoter] a typical device used within the biotech trade to drive very aggressive expression of a gene. On this case, Pfizer has it in entrance of a neomycin resistance gene, which drives resistance for neomycin. The explanation they need it there’s in order that they’ll develop this plasmid in E. coli.

E. coli doubles each half-hour, so you’ll be able to develop E. coli in a single day and get gobs of this DNA. You then should purify it from E. coli to make RNA out of it.

There’s some threat that if you happen to do not absolutely purify it from E. coli, you’ll be able to depart behind what’s generally known as endotoxin or lipopolysaccharides, often abbreviated as LPS. That is a further threat that Pfizer took on. Moderna’s doing a really comparable factor, though they do not have SV40 in there. They’re utilizing E. coli to amplify their plasmid DNA, and it comes with a few of this threat.

What we do know is there’s residual DNA in each pictures, and this DNA is both proper above the regulatory restrict or tenfold greater … When RNA to DNA ratios, it is even worse. The precise final result is that there’s extra like a 17- to 80-fold hole from what’s required within the laws, as finest we will inform.”

In line with McKernan, Pfizer additionally used two totally different instruments to measure RNA versus DNA. This allowed them to “prepare dinner the books,” inflating the quantity of RNA and miserable the quantity of DNA so “they’ll squeak by means of these regulatory necessities with out anybody actually understanding what is going on on.”28 Additional, Pfizer didn’t disclose its SV40 info to the European Medicines Company, which McKernan believes was intentional:29

“They did that as a result of they know the SV40 area is a really controversial base in its historical past within the vaccine area. The polio vaccines have been contaminated with the complete virus, not simply these little parts, however the full virus.

The total virus has over 5,000 bases. The parts now we have are about 466 bases of the virus, however they’re arguably probably the most practical elements of the virus’s genome for replicating and for gene expression. The truth that they hid that that is in there from the EMA is a priority.”

Whereas McKernan and colleagues proceed to unfold the phrase about SV40 promotor and parts in COVID-19 pictures, the media continues to attempt to discredit their findings. McKernan factors out once more that they by no means acknowledged the SV40 virus is within the pictures — however that doesn’t make their research any much less worrisome:30

“We mentioned there was an SV40 promoter and a number of the parts. We have been very clear about that, nevertheless it rapidly received related to, ‘These guys are claiming there’s one thing there that is not there.’ Then everybody missed the purpose that there are parts of SV40 which are really fairly practical that we should be involved about.

They’re in these vaccines as a result of they have been studied as being gene remedy instruments … They’re maybe not as scary as what occurred within the polio vaccine, which some individuals have attributed to inflicting some cancers previously. It is nonetheless an argument in that area, however there’s nonetheless issues that we have to find out about.

… There does appear to be a bent for them [media] to both erect a strawman, or flood the zone with alternate info, in order that a median particular person is simply confused on what to consider, as a result of there is a combination of messages coming by means of the media that should drown out the actual sign.”

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