Siri, Am I Anti-Science?

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This story is in regards to the absurdity of the preposterous mandate to only “trust the science” as if it have been a non-partisan set of static truths. Additionally it is about some humbling latest discoveries displaying simply how little the scientists know at any given time.

The Yelling

Over the previous three years, we’ve been pounded on the top, gaslit and shamed advert nauseam for being skeptical of the science shoved down our throats by Pfizer, Blackrock, DARPA, and their numerous mates. We’ve been advised many times that except we obediently lock our brains within the closet and bend over in response to the tv speaking heads, we’re “anti-science.” What a logical fallacy, what an apparent psychological trick!

For giggles, here’s a cheaply made Pfizer business from three years in the past, glorifying their “science.”

I surmise, the poor pharmaceutical large should have been combating promoting budgets after paying all their fines for fraud and earlier than the rollout of their COVID injections, both that, or the actors have been all on lockdown — however so far as I keep in mind, on the time, in New York not less than, each nook was buzzing with building, and 5G antennas have been going up like mushroom after a rain — so maybe, they have been simply stingy. Anyway, please meet their science:

Science is in fact an thrilling and tremendously helpful discipline — however when the specialists wag their shaming fingers at us and demand that we mindlessly comply with no matter they are saying, they don’t observe science! They have interaction in blatant social engineering, propaganda, and gaslighting. It’s zombie obedience — not curiosity — that they hope to impress in us. It’s like public faculty at its worst — however for adults whom they need to management. And so they understand it. They understand it. And so they do it anyway.

On my finish, I don’t care if the bullies are on Blackrock’s payroll instantly or in the event that they have interaction of their missionary actions professional bono — both method, they’re bullies, and I’m going to proceed to do my very own analysis and belief my very own mind and nostril over the complicated phrase salad that comes out of their conceited mouths.

Yet one more factor. As eloquently noted by Justin Hart in 2022, “it’s certainly harmful to say to characterize science. Science doesn’t want gross sales reps, since it’s the conceptualization of bodily actuality itself as decided by experiment and information. What Fauci really represented is the authoritarian State with a capital ‘S’.” Certainly.

What Is Science?

The “previous regular” definition of science is just not one bit fancy. It’s a way of determining how issues work by observing, forming hypotheses, testing them out, and adjusting conclusions based mostly on the outcomes. That’s it.

Individuals have been training science since time immemorial — we’re curious beings, we’re wired to play with issues and to observe science. In truth, our ancestors within the olden days knew a ton in regards to the world: medication, agriculture, astronomy, and so forth. They knew much more than what at this time’s monks of institutional science give them credit score for.

Throughout these days, survival was harder, and poor “science” usually meant a shorter life. If our ancestors from hundreds of years in the past engaged in Neil Ferguson-like “modeling” or Fauci-like “science” — it’s not clear if we as a species would have made it to this present day.

Oh, the recollections of 2020 and Neil Ferguson, the lockdown-promoting professor at Imperial School London who was caught violating the social distancing guidelines with a mistress in the midst of a lockdown …

Bullies’ Monopoly on Correctness

As a society, we’re in a messy place. There’s a coordinated, well-funded marketing campaign to deliver the dignity down. Sincere data is censored, and lies get rewarded with bully perks. What’s thrown at us as “science” is a counterfeit. It’s an effigy made out of scraps of BlackRock speaking factors, all designed to decimate the individuals and elevate the thieves. And but they speak about it as if it have been precise science!

In America, all this mad censorship feels weird to me. It’s as if I have been again within the USSR. As they lie, in addition they attempt to implement a monopoly on correctness and to play an previous authoritarian trick. They’re tossing massive phrases up and down, altering definitions as they please, and repeating lies till they stick.

What I see is a swapping of psychological frameworks. The expensive-looking, colourful model of the “western” advertising brochure is being urgently recalled — and a brand new brochure, printed on soiled paper in grey tones, is getting shipped in. Yikes.

Good ol’ Corruption

Along with the deliberate obsoletion of dignity, good ol’ corruption reigns supreme. Two years in the past, I wrote this story about corruption in the medical establishment. Since then, it solely acquired worse. A few telling quotes:

“It’s merely now not potential to imagine a lot of the medical analysis that’s revealed, or to depend on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical tips. I take no pleasure on this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my twenty years as an editor of The New England Journal of Drugs,” wrote Marcia Angell in 2009.

“A lot of the scientific literature, maybe half, might merely be unfaithful. Stricken by research with small pattern sizes, tiny results, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of curiosity, along with an obsession for pursuing trendy traits of doubtful significance, science has taken a flip in the direction of darkness,” wrote Richard Horton, the Editor-in-Chief of the Lancet in 2015.

Talking of Richard Horton and the Lancet, keep in mind the outlandishly fraudulent HCQ-bashing examine that they revealed in 2020 after which needed to retract?

In response to the New York Times, “Dr. Horton known as the paper retracted by his journal a ‘fabrication’ and ‘a monumental fraud.’ However peer evaluate was by no means supposed to detect outright deceit, he mentioned, and anybody who thinks in any other case has ‘a elementary misunderstanding of what peer evaluate is … When you have an writer who intentionally tries to mislead, it’s surprisingly simple for them to take action,’ he mentioned.” Now we all know.

Actual Science Is By no means Last

If “consensus” have been a significant measure of any reality, no scientific discoveries would ever be made since always, there’s a “consensus” (actual or fabricated) on how issues work.

Humorous, rising up, I believed that there have been many potential discoveries within the ocean and in house — however that the human anatomy had been exhaustively studied. Effectively, that, too, was unsuitable! To this present day, researchers maintain discovering new elements of human anatomy and new methods these elements work together. Living proof.

A New A part of the Mind

Earlier this 12 months, they found a brand new a part of the mind. Beforehand, the accepted view was that the membrane surrounding the mind consisted of three layers. In January 2023, a fourth layer was introduced. It was known as SLYM (Subarachnoid LYmphatic-like Membrane). In response to Science journal:

“The central nervous system is lined by meninges, classically often called dura, arachnoid, and pia mater. We present the existence of a fourth meningeal layer that compartmentalizes the subarachnoid house within the mouse and human mind, designated the subarachnoid lymphatic-like membrane (SLYM).

SLYM is morpho- and immunophenotypically much like the mesothelial membrane lining of peripheral organs and physique cavities, and it encases blood vessels and harbors immune cells.

Functionally, the shut apposition of SLYM with the endothelial lining of the meningeal venous sinus permits direct change of small solutes between cerebrospinal fluid and venous blood, thus representing the mouse equal of the arachnoid granulations. The useful characterization of SLYM supplies elementary insights into mind immune obstacles and fluid transport.”

New Salivary Glands (Possibly)

In 2020, Dutch most cancers researchers made a splash once they revealed a paper by which they described what they believed to be new salivary glands. Being a skeptical peasant, I wish to high quality this discovering by saying that their dataset was very restricted (all most cancers sufferers) and really small, and their conclusion was their finest guess based mostly on their imaging method.

To confirm their discovering, one would want to comprehensively examine a bigger and extra various dataset — and to the perfect of my data, nobody has completed it but. Additionally, please see this attention-grabbing letter to the editor in response to the unique publication. In any case, right here is Live Science:

“This nasopharynx area — behind the nostril — was not thought to host something however microscopic, diffuse, salivary glands; however the newly found set are about 1.5 inches (3.9 centimeters) in size on common.

Due to their location over a chunk of cartilage known as the torus tubarius, the discoverers of those new glands have dubbed them the tubarial salivary glands. The glands most likely lubricate and moisten the higher throat behind the nostril and mouth, the researchers wrote … within the journal Radiotherapy and Oncology.

The invention was unintentional. Researchers on the Netherlands Most cancers Institute have been utilizing a mix of CT scans and positron emission tomography (PET) scans known as PSMA PET-CT to check prostate most cancers. In PSMA PET-CT scanning, docs inject a radioactive “tracer” into the affected person. This tracer binds properly to the protein PSMA, which is elevated in prostate most cancers cells.”

Apparently, the tentative nature of this discovery didn’t stop The Scientist from naming their article about it “Scientists Uncover New Human Salivary Glands.” That alone demonstrates the truth that “the science” is a humorous beast.

Interstitium: A Vital Replace

This discovery, too, requires a clarification. In 2018, Nature revealed a study titled, “Construction and Distribution of an Unrecognized Interstitium in Human Tissues.”

A lot of information articles revealed on the time, such because the Science article right here, mentioned that the interstitium itself was found. Nonetheless, the interstitium had been talked about for many years (here’s a point out of from 2012, and right here is one from 1987, and anecdotally, I do know that its existence was mentioned in medical faculties in Russia a lot sooner than that).

The 2018 discovery was the truth that it was not a stable mass of connective tissue however as a substitute, it was crammed with fluid — and the rationale the scientists had not beforehand observed the fluid was as a result of that they had solely been taking a look at dried slides (doh). Live Science:

“These fluid-filled areas have been found in connective tissues everywhere in the physique, together with beneath the pores and skin’s floor; lining the digestive tract, lungs and urinary programs; and surrounding muscle groups, in response to a brand new examine detailing the findings, revealed … within the journal Scientific Reports.

Beforehand, researchers had thought these tissue layers have been a dense ‘wall’ of collagen — a powerful structural protein present in connective tissue. However the brand new discovering reveals that, reasonably than a ‘wall,’ this tissue is extra like an ‘open, fluid-filled freeway,’ mentioned co-senior examine writer Dr. Neil Theise, a professor of pathology at New York College Langone Faculty of Drugs.

The tissue comprises interconnected, fluid-filled areas which are supported by a lattice of thick collagen ‘bundles,’ Theise mentioned.

The researchers mentioned these fluid-filled areas had been missed for many years as a result of they do not present up on the usual microscopic slides that researchers use to look into the mobile world.

When scientists put together tissue samples for these slides, they deal with the samples with chemical compounds, minimize them into skinny slices and dye them to focus on key options. However this fixing course of drains away fluid and causes the newfound fluid-filled areas to break down.”

Mesentery Redefined as a New Organ

In 2016, the mesentery, that had been beforehand thought of a group of belly tissue, attaching the intestines to the posterior belly wall, was reclassified as a brand new organ, after the invention was first described in 2012.

This Healthline article makes me slightly nervous although. I’m very completely satisfied that the surgeon who found it believed his personal eyes over anatomy textbooks and determined to analyze however … however … how did it work previous to 2012?

“Coffey, and his colleague Peter O’Leary, Ph.D., first found that the mesentery was an organ … Coffey defined his discovery to Healthline this fashion, ‘I’m primarily a surgeon who operates on the massive bowel and rectum. I observed that the method we use on the left colon has the identical anatomic foundation because the methods we use on the proper.

After I checked out this nearer I observed the rationale for this was that the proper and left colon have an connected mesentery. (In each affected person. That’s, universally.)’

As a skilled surgeon, Coffey is conscious that, ‘In response to traditional anatomic instructing, the proper and left colon should not have an connected mesentery and, if a mesentery have been current, then this needs to be thought of anomalous.’ …

He went on to inform Healthline, ‘Some texts steered that the proper and left colon did have a vestigial or rudimentary mesentery, connected instantly behind them. So, what we discovered surgically was very completely different to what we have been taught anatomically [emphasis mine].’” 

“New Mind Cleansing System Found”

Extra in regards to the mind. Up till a couple of years in the past, the consensus was that there was no lymphatic system within the mind. After which instantly, there was! The NIH (2012):

“Scientists have found a system that drains waste merchandise from the mind … Our our bodies take away lifeless blood cells and different waste by means of a community of vessels known as the lymphatic system. The mind, nevertheless, has a distinct methodology of conserving clear.

Cerebrospinal fluid cleanses mind tissue. However how the fluid strikes by means of the mind and clears waste wasn’t properly understood. Till now, scientists might solely examine mind tissue in animals that have been already lifeless. They thought vitamins and waste have been transported by means of the sluggish technique of diffusion.

In a brand new examine, a analysis crew led by Dr. Jeffrey Iliff and Maiken Nedergaard on the College of Rochester Medical Heart used a way known as 2-photon laser scanning microscopy to research the move of cerebrospinal fluid in residing mouse brains. This new expertise allowed the scientists to check the intact mind in actual time.

To their shock, the scientists discovered that the tracer molecules flowed alongside a collection of channels surrounding blood vessels. Within the mind, blood vessels are surrounded by cells known as astrocytes. These cells have projections known as finish toes that wrap round arteries and veins like a layer of piping. It was by means of this pipeline that the molecules traveled.

The system makes use of strain to push fluid by means of the mind. It is a a lot sooner and extra environment friendly option to carry away waste than diffusion.”


I’m properly conscious of the truth that the subject of exosomes is a heated one. On my finish, I’m not within the warmth. I really feel humble about this subject (and lots of different matters as properly). I imagine that life is mysterious, and that there are numerous methods by which residing beings talk and change vitality. Regardless of the present understanding is on both aspect of the virus / exosome debate, it would possible change. As of this second, I like J.J. Couey’s take.

With that out of the way in which, it’s utterly fascinating to me that as vital as exosomes are, up till a couple of a long time in the past, the scientists didn’t know they existed in any respect. As we speak, exosomes are an in-demand space of analysis — besides, researchers are largely making guesses, and the mystery remains:

“Cells in vivo and ex vivo launch membrane vesicles. These extracellular vesicles (EVs) are 50- to 100-nm-sized lipid bilayer-enclosed entities containing proteins and RNA. Not way back, EVs have been thought of to be “mobile mud” or rubbish and didn’t appeal to a lot consideration. Nonetheless, it has not too long ago been discovered that EVs can have vital organic capabilities and that in each structural and useful features they resemble viruses.

This resemblance turns into much more evident with EVs produced by cells productively contaminated with viruses. Such EVs include viral proteins and elements of viral genetic materials … we emphasize that within the particular case of virus-infected cells, it’s virtually unattainable to tell apart EVs from (noninfectious) viruses and to separate them.”

Possibly, if we’re fortunate, 100 years from now, we could have a greater readability about all this. If we’re nonetheless round, that’s!

Cocoa and the Good Micro organism within the Intestine

It’s arduous to imagine it nevertheless it looks like it was in 2014 when the American scientists first reported that cocoa supported the helpful micro organism within the intestine. As reported by the American Chemical Society [!!]:

“The well being advantages of consuming darkish chocolate have been extolled for hundreds of years, however the actual purpose has remained a thriller — till now. Researchers reported … that sure micro organism within the abdomen gobble the chocolate and ferment it into anti-inflammatory compounds which are good for the guts.

The nice microbes, resembling Bifidobacterium and lactic acid micro organism, feast on chocolate … Once you eat darkish chocolate, they develop and ferment it, producing compounds which are anti-inflammatory. The opposite micro organism within the intestine are related to irritation and might trigger gasoline, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. These embrace some Clostridia and a few E. coli.

“When these compounds are absorbed by the physique, they reduce the irritation of cardiovascular tissue, decreasing the long-term danger of stroke,” mentioned John Finley, Ph.D., who led the work. He mentioned that this examine is the primary to have a look at the results of darkish chocolate on the varied varieties of micro organism within the abdomen.

He defined that cocoa powder, an ingredient in chocolate, comprises a number of polyphenolic, or antioxidant, compounds resembling catechin and epicatechin, and a small quantity of dietary fiber. Each elements are poorly digested and absorbed, however once they attain the colon, the fascinating microbes take over.

“In our examine we discovered that the fiber is fermented and the massive polyphenolic polymers are metabolized to smaller molecules, that are extra simply absorbed. These smaller polymers exhibit anti-inflammatory exercise,” he mentioned.

Finley additionally famous that combining the fiber in cocoa with prebiotics is probably going to enhance an individual’s total well being and assist convert polyphenolics within the abdomen into anti-inflammatory compounds.”

On a enjoyable notice, there may be speak of utilizing cocoa butter (2013) and chocolate (2017) to encapsulate probiotics. Yum.

Infectious Concept of Dementia

That’s an enormous one. Personally, I’m inclined to imagine that loads of dementia-like and neurological signs are brought about not less than partially by infectious brokers and the irritation that ensues once they overwhelm the mind and the CNS at massive (assisted by the environmental toxicity, the EMFs, and so forth.).

I imagine that we within the West have been type of embarrassed to look into it in depth and face the truth that our thought of “western cleanliness” is a delusion. Earlier this 12 months, I wrote in regards to the infectious theory of Alzheimer’s disease. Right here is the abstract:

  • Till very not too long ago, it was thought of official and confirmed that Alzheimer’s Illness is non-infectious and attributable to amyloid plaques
  • Final 12 months, the information got here out that the foundational examine on Alzheimer’s that had been driving the general path of analysis previously twenty years had been based mostly on fraud
  • The brand new rising idea proposes that Alzheimer’s Illness could also be triggered by pathogens, and amyloid plaques might type as an immune response
  • Nonetheless, you will need to the do not forget that even when a pathogen or a bunch of pathogens is actually concerned in triggering the signs of Alzheimer’s Illness, the mainstream narrative will probably be inevitably twisted in favor of pushing for extra vaccines


This checklist of latest hypotheses and discoveries goes on, and on, and on. Science is a fantastic factor. Additionally it is a humbling factor, regardless of how a lot we all know, there may be at all times extra that we don’t. As we are able to see from just some examples of latest discoveries, trendy scientists are infants, and trendy science, even when sincere, has solely a really approximate understanding of the world.

So subsequent time a pundit tells you to “simply belief the science,” ask him what number of layers there are within the membrane defending the mind. 🙂 Or, even higher, shut down the TV and take a stroll exterior. You’ll most likely study extra.

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